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For the Quarter Ending September 2023


North America

During the third quarter of 2023, the Dimethylamine (DMA) market in the United States exhibited a general decline. Prices were subject to fluctuations throughout the quarter, with an initial dip observed at the onset of Q3. This drop was primarily attributed to shifting demand patterns in downstream sectors such as textiles and rubber, prompting market participants to exercise caution. The consistent influx of DMA material from manufacturing units resulted in an oversupply. Initial weak demand from these downstream industries, independent of the influence of a weak PMI index, was a significant factor. Reduced manufacturing activities and industrial output further dampened demand for DMA. However, as the quarter progressed, the DMA market witnessed a reversal of the declining trend, experiencing an upswing in prices. This turnaround was fueled by increased demand from the local Surfactant & Detergent and pharmaceutical sectors. Notably, there was a noticeable uptick in trading activities in the past month. Disruptions in the Panama Canal led to increased freight charges, impacting logistics and transportation costs and influencing market dynamics. Rising feedstock prices, including Ammonia and Methanol, added to the production costs, solidifying the upward price trend in the third quarter.


In the Asia-Pacific region, the Chinese Dimethylamine (DMA) market witnessed an upward price trend in the third quarter of 2023. At the beginning of Q3, demand from disinfectant and textile industries, both domestically and globally, remained moderate. However, supply chain disruptions due to insufficient stockpiles posed significant challenges in meeting the needs of downstream industries. Suppliers experienced a surge in inquiries for the product, deviating from historically weak figures. This increased demand, coupled with supply constraints, contributed to the price increase. Moving further into Q3, DMA prices continued to exhibit a bullish trend, driven by increased demand from downstream agrochemical and refrigeration industries. Additionally, the price trend of its feedstock, Ammonia, supported the cost structure of Dimethylamine in the market. As the last month of Q3 approached, the DMA market remained saturated, encountering hurdles in gaining positive momentum. Downstream industries like Agriculture and Rubber and tire industries adopted a cautious approach in the market. However, stability in its feedstock, Ammonia, and Methanol also contributed to maintaining a stable price trend for the material. Overall, the Chinese DMA market experienced an incline in pricing during the third quarter, with variations in demand and supply dynamics.

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In the European region, the Dimethylamine (DMA) market experienced an overall decline during the third quarter of 2023, although it displayed a mixed pattern throughout the quarter. At the beginning of Q3, the European DMA market witnessed a significant downturn in pricing. Fluctuating demand patterns in downstream sectors, including textiles and rubbers, led to a cautious market approach. The continuous inflow of DMA material from various domestic and international sources resulted in an oversupply. The market initially faced weaker demand, compounded by a weakened Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) and rising recessionary fears. Reduced manufacturing activities and industrial output contributed to the decreased demand for DMA from these sectors. However, as the third quarter progressed, the DMA market experienced a notable upswing, deviating from the preceding descending price trend. This surge in DMA prices was primarily attributed to amplified demand from the local Surfactant and detergent and pharmaceutical sectors. Remarkably, there was a considerable surge in trading activities within the market over the past month. Furthermore, the escalation in crude oil prices and the prices of its feedstocks, Ammonia and Methanol, played a pivotal role in driving up the production costs of DMA, contributing to the increase in DMA prices in the European market. 




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