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For the Quarter Ending June 2023

North America

In the second quarter of 2023, Helium prices in North America continued to rise due to increased demand and a shortage of supply. Blue Star Helium Ltd, the major supplier in the region, is ramping up production to meet domestic and international demand. They are constructing a helium recovery plant in Colorado to further enhance their supply capabilities. Factors such as the US bank crisis and growing demand for helium had a significant impact on the overall market dynamics. As the quarter came to an end, global demand for helium surged, leading to a spike in prices. In response, North American Helium Inc announced the addition of two new helium filtration plants. However, the production cost of helium remained high due to factors such as rising natural gas prices, labor shortages, and other microeconomic factors. The privatization shift in the US, increasing demand, and rising costs have created a flourishing helium industry in North America, presenting potential opportunities for investors.



During the second quarter of 2023, Helium prices in the Asian market experienced a significant surge. Natural gas prices remained slightly higher, and Indian suppliers focused on stockpiling natural gas to meet the projected demand. This, combined with an imbalanced supply chain and increased travel times, led to a sharp rise in Helium costs. The healthcare and semiconductor industries in India showed a greater demand for helium, particularly in the use of X-ray and MRI machines. Imported prices from the USA and Qatar remained on the higher side, impacting overall selling prices. In some parts of Asia, companies looking to export helium faced scrutiny due to concerns about depleting local reserves. As a result, Indian authorities recently announced plans to increase taxes on imported helium-containing products.

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Throughout the second quarter of 2023, Helium prices in Europe remained high due to supply shortages and various factors pushing prices upwards. Disruptions in the supply chain, geopolitical issues, and a shortage of quantity all contributed to the overall market dynamics of Helium in Europe. The European Commission’s introduction of the European Raw Materials Act, which emphasized the increasing demand for rare raw materials, further influenced prices. Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) are of high economic importance to the EU, with a high risk of supply disruption due to limited sources and lack of substitutes. Demand for helium from healthcare, medical facilities, and semiconductor manufacturing remained strong despite the tight supply chain. The outlook for expansion in the market remained positive throughout the quarter, prompting the European Central Bank to increase interest rates.

Middle East-Asia

Helium gas prices in the Middle East-Asia region remained high during the second quarter of 2023 due to strong demand from domestic and international markets. Qatar gas and other major helium exporters operated at a moderate scale to meet this demand. The Qatar Monetary Centre PMI showed positive growth rates in production, new orders, business, and purchasing. New business expanded rapidly, driven by new contracts and product offerings. Overall business activity increased significantly. Non-oil private sector employment also rose, helping companies reduce their backlogs. Despite the challenges, supply chains adjusted well, with lead times being reduced once again.

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