Do. Dez 7th, 2023

As the fundamental press producer from one side of the world to the other, we answer each need with our five star water driven squashes pouring out done with mechanical new turns of events. Contact us to see our high level and imaginative presses and to get more organized information.

Starting around 1971, our essential goal has been to make common grade, liberal and strong water driven presses. As per this vision, we for the most part work with a certified, quick and expert collecting and pass our profits to our clients in Turkey and abroad. In light of our commitment to purchaser consistency, we are dependably making and serving a more unmistakable social occasion.

Hidrokar Pres is an alliance that has shown what itself can do in the general field with more than 150+ thing experience. We show our client facilitated approach by showing up at more than 300+ satisfied clients. We are consistently with you with our the entire day express assistance pack with furnishing you with the best help.
To show our unsavoriness for the environment, we produce 100% valuable presses. With our imaginative and naturalist game-plans in the business, we defend the environment while using resources accommodatingly.
Our connection is in an essential circumstance nearby with our responsibility with convey, satisfied client portfolio, determined unequivocal assistance and innocuous to the natural structure presses. We are here to take your business further by giving you quality things and affiliations.

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