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News Portal using Python Django and MySQL is a web application used to publish the News.

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The aim of “Online News Portal” is to automate its existing manual system by the help of computerized equipment and full-fledge computer software, fulfilling their requirements so that their valuable date can be stored for a longer period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same. ces.

Project Module

News has three modules i.e. user, admin, sub-admins

User module

Anyone can read the news and also search for particular news. The reader can leave comments on the particular news.

Admin Module

Secure admin login system

Admin Dashboard: In this section admin can view, listed categories & sub categories, total published news.

Sub-admin: In this section, admin can add/edit/delete sub-admin.

Category — In this section admin can add/update/delete the category. Admin can also restore deleted category.

Sub- Category — In this section admin can add/update/delete the Subcategory. Admin can also restore deleted Subcategory.

Post — Admin can add /update / delete news posts. admin can also view deleted news post in trash post section and restore deleted posts.

Pages — Admin can manage the contact of about us and contact us page.

Comments — Admin can approve/ unapproved / delete reader comments.

Sub-Admin Module

Sub-Admin and Admin features are the same except Sub-Admin creation. Sub-Admin can’t create the Sub-Admins.

How to run the News Portal System Django Python

1. Download the zip file

2. Extract the file, copy newsportal folder, and paste it on the desktop

3. Open MySQL Create a database newspythondb then import the SQL File available in the SQL File Folder (For MySQL we used XAMPP server)

4. Open PyCharm and click on the terminal

5. Navigate the project folder using the cd command

cd project_path

For ex: cd C:UsersANUJOneDriveDesktopnewsportal

6. Now Navigate to the onps folder

cd onps

7. Run the Project using the following command

python manage.py runserver

Now click the URL and the Project will Run

Login Details


Username: admin

Password: Test@123


Username: john12

Password: Test@123 or Register a new Subadmin

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