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Student Enrolment System” is a web-based application that manages all the information of the students by schools. It includes managing data such as name, father’s name, email-id, communication address, gender, which school they are in, etc.

In this Python project, we will build a GUI-based “Student Enrolment System” Project using Django and db SQLite. It is an intermediate-level project, where you will learn how to use databases, and modules and make some great GUIs in Python and apply them in real life.

Student Enrolment System has the following section

Registrations: In this section, the school administration fills the student registration details.

Registered: In this section, all registered student details have been shown.

Search: In this section, students can be searched by his/her name, father’s name, and mother’s name.

Manage: In this section, the school administrator update and delete the information of students.

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How to Run the Project

Install Python (How to install Python)

Install Django : python -m pip install Django

Open the project in PyCharm and go to the project directory

Finally, Run the command: python runserver

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